Metallurgy & Material
Borates are used as a protective slag-forming and fusion-accelerating substance in the non-ferrous metal industry and as a steel hardness-enhancing substance in alloys thanks to its smooth, adherent, protective nature and its ability to create a clean liquid. In steel production, the addition of boron improves the hardenability quality of steel. As well, boron compounds are used to obtain electrolyte in the electrolyte coating industry. While boric acid is used in nickel plating, the fluoborate and fluoboric acids are used as electrolyte for non-ferrous metals such as tin-lead, copper, nickel. The boron is used in metallurgy industry for hardening the surfaces of machinery components made of ferrous materials to improve their resistance against abrasion, surface pressure and corrosion.
In metallurgy applications, boron is used in the forms of colemanite, sodium tetraborate, anhydrous borax, boric acid and boron oxide.

• enhances hardenability of the steel.
• lowers the melting temperature and ensures energy saving.
• forms a smooth, adherent, protective and viscous liquid at high temperatures.
• improves the corrosion resistance.
• reduces decay in metal, slows down corrosion.
• increases electrical conductivity.
• increase magnetic performance of magnets.
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