Bigadiç Boron Works

Bigadiç Boron Works was established within the borders of the village Osmanca, 12 km northeast of the county of Bigadiç.

The county is located 36 km from the province of Balıkesir and 180 km from the provinces of Izmir and Bursa. The pits operated by the private sector until 1976 (the site where Tülü Open Pit Mining is located today) were handed over to Etibank pursuant to the Resolution of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources' Resolution of 13/02/1976 due to the growing site-border dispute of the operator French company and Etibank has begun its mining activities in the region.

Through their restructuring on 01/05/1998, the Site Office of Emet Enterprise (08/04/1976), the Enterprise Directorate (23/03/1977) and the Bigadiç Enterprise Directorate affiliated to Etibank General Directorate (01/01/1982) were changed into the form of "Enterprise Directorate" affiliated to the General Directorate of Eti Boron Inc. As of 31/01/2004, the enterprise continues its operations under the name "Bigadiç Boron Works" as affiliated to Eti Mine Works General Directorate.

Within the enterprise today, colemanite and ulexite ores are extracted in a total of 4 open pits namely Tülü, Acep, Simav and Kestelek, and the extracted ores are processed in crushing-grinding and concentrator plants.


Concentrated Colemanite (2CaO 3B2O3 5H2O)

Concentrates Ulexite (Na2O 2CaO 5B2O3 16H2O)

Grinded Colemanite (-75, -45 mikron)

Grinded Ulexit (-75, -45 mikron)

Zeolite (Ca,K2,Na2,Mg)4Al8Si40O96.24H2O

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