Wood Protection
Various derivatives of boron such as borax, boric acid and disodium octaborate tetrahydrate are used for the protection of wooden materials (impregnite). There is boric acid in the composition of the impregnite known as CCB (copper, chromium, boron) salts. Aqueous solutions of boron impregnite are applied on to the material through dipping, immersing, brushing, spraying and vacuum-pressure systems.

Boron composition salts are used as a preservative which protects wooden materials against fungi, insects, termites and marine pests. In addition, it slows down the flammability of the material; it is harmless to humans and animals and does not have corrosion effect on metals.

In case of the development of protection agents based on boron derivatives and the dissemination of impregnation plants based on these agents, it will be possible to utilize lumber, particleboard, fiberboard, plywood and other similar materials for a longer period of time. And this will both reduce the demand for wood and lead to an increase in the number of our forests.
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